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How to make quick and easy money


Most often than not, a lot of people do ask where can I get a lot of money within a short possible time? Where and which institution or sector can I get to make my wealth? What can I do to make money? Or mostly and importantly, where is my wealth?


The only answer to all the above questions is ‘Your Wealth is Here’. Yes, here!

Your Wealth is Here! Is a book authored by Samuel Osei-Tenkorang which talks about how to make, maintain and multiply money.


Your Wealth is Here’ is chaptered into 16, namely;

  1. Save or Invest Before You Spend
  2. Have a Firm Stand, It Becomes Your Brand
  3. Get Started
  4. Sleep Less Think More
  5. Be Content With What You Have If That Is The Highest
  6. Rich Do Not Readily Assist The Poor, Be Independent
  7. Faith Is All It Takes
  8. Build Your Own Dream By Working For Yourself
  9. Don’t Tell It All
  10. Don’t Be In a Haste To Look Rich
  11. Align With Experts
  12. Be Humble
  13. Time Management
  14. Don’t Rely On a Single Income
  15. Make An Impact Not Money
  16. Give More Than You Receive

My favorite chapters which I will recommend anywhere and anytime I will be asked are ‘Don’t Rely On a Single Income’, ‘Be Humble’ and Time Management.


This chapter educates on single income and how it can be too risky for an individual to rely on taking this economic factors in the world into consideration.

Wouldn’t you want to grab a copy for yourself?, click on the links below to do so. You can get a copy in either Portable Document Format (pdf) or in hardcopy.

Click here to get ‘Your Wealth is Here’ in pdf
Click here to get ‘Your Wealth is Here’ in hard copy

You can also walk into Kingdom bookshop – Kumasi for a copy

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