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Asimegh Business Listing

Asime Torwo Advertising Agency Business listing service is a platform curated to host various businesses and service providers to link them to their potential customers and prospects.

We do this by advertising and listing your business details on our resourceful website which creates an eco-market for you and your customers.

What is needed to list the Business or Services.

  • The company name (Recommended)
  • A banner designed for advertisement. 680″x390″ (Required)
  • A list of services you provide (Required)
  • The physical location/town of the company (Required)
  • Telephone number(s) of the business (Required)
  • The email address of the business (Recommended)
  • About the business. What the business is all about and what it does. (Required)
  • Social media platforms/links (Recommended)
  • Some pictures for the business gallery (Recommended)

With the above items, you are well prepared to list your business on our website. Please bear in mind that, without the above items, you cannot list your business/services.

And also, the website is secured and backed by laws therefore anyone found out to be a fraudster will be apprehended.

How does this service work?

After listing your business or services on our website, the potential customer searches for or finds you and when he/she is interested, calls you on the provided telephone numbers, and then you meet up. Please agree to meet the customer at your shop or a more secure place for any business transactions.

How much is the charge to list a business/service

Currently, it is free to list your Business/Services. We are working around the clock to maintain it free forever however when there’s a change in the plan due to economic effects, we will communicate to you or we may charge a reasonable amount to maintain this great initiative.

How long can my Business/Service be listed?

Your listed business is forever listed on our website unless either party decided to terminate it due to reasons beyond their control.

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